The best woods for stairs

Stair expands especially justify extra idea with respect to picking what wood species will serve the client best. At the point when stairs are set, they shouldn’t should be torn down for issues with contorting or mileage. Our very own authorities make turned wood and squared parts for a wide scope of custom assignment needs, which infers it’s indispensable that our entire Glacial Wood aggregate knows which wood species work best for each endeavor.

Other than hunting down nature of craftsmanship and customization of turned and squared wood stair parts, we for the most part endorse that people examine for an area custom woodturning maker who knows the predominant wood species for each kind of endeavor. For this circumstance, we’re looking sorts of wood immediately available in the United States that make the best, longest-persisting stairs and parts.

Wood Species: What is Best for Staircase Longevity?


  1. Wooden Stairs from Red Oak

The most broadly perceived species for wood stair parts in the U.S. is red oak, due to being rich and its liberal nature. Red oak handrails and tracks are the most well known things created utilizing this wood, anyway gifted specialist made turned wood and squared parts are also all around venerated by inside draftsmen, contract holders, and building proprietors alike. Red oak is furthermore one of the least difficult to stain, sand, and consummation.

  1. White Oak (additionally utilized for wooden floor and wooden doors)

Harder and it is unquestionably more water safe than its cousin, the red oak. Looks-wise, white oak will as a rule be grayer with a slight green tint and a spinning guide to the grain.

  1. Slag

Offers a lot of comparable qualities with oak yet its close grain configuration is insignificantly progressively undeniable. You will end up putting aside additional money if you pick red hot trash over oak yet you may spend more on creation in light of the way that creation it is considerably more a test.

  1. African Mahogany

African Mahogany is very serious reasoning about how light it is. The esteem point makes it a champion among the most premium materials for wood stair parts yet various Glacial Wood clients would agree that the highest point of the line look of its fine grain and the way in which that it ages is certainly advocated even in spite of the expense. Our specialists similarly love the magnificent way straightforward it is to turn and shape.

  1. Cypress

Lightweight, fine-grained, holds paint and fruition charmingly, and is more grounded than most softwoods, Cypress checks every one of the cases and more as a stunning staircase wood.

  1. American Cherry

Appreciated for crediting a fortune quality to stairs and their parts. The tone of the wood in every practical sense shines with warmth from its rosy dark colored to strawberry light shading. In spite of the way that it’s a gentler wood, American Cherry is sufficiently strong to make trustworthy stairs.

  1. Brazilian Cherry

Offers a bit of the attributes of the American Cherry wood species, yet has a beautiful bronzed dim shaded tone that transmits sumptuousness. It is hard and comparably significant, yet a choice for this wood is a profound established one since it will prop up that long in the right conditions.


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